Participation Agreement

Agreement on Participation
in the International Community of Benefactors
of Gold Line International

This agreement stipulates membership rules and regulates relationship between members in the community.

This agreement is signed in the accession of new members after online registration on the community website.

The terms of this agreement are accepted by members in full and without any reservation by accepting the agreement in the form provided on the website of «».

1. General Provisions

1.1. Gold Line Limited Liability Company, hereinafter referred to as the Contractor, represented by its CEO Artem Zaytsev, acting on the basis of the Charter, addresses this Contractual Offer to any person (to the general public) whose will is expressed to them personally or through an authorized representative (Articles 182, 185 of the Russian Civil Code) willing to use the services of the Contractor (hereinafter – the Member).

1.2. This Contractual Offer (hereinafter - the Agreement) is an official Contractor’s offer to join the Gold Line International community and contains all the essential terms of this Agreement.

1.3. The acceptance of the Agreement is mark acceptance of the Agreement on participation on Contractor's site («») left of the text «I accept the conditions of the participation agreement».

1.4. By accepting the Agreement, the Member guarantees that he is acquainted, agree fully and unconditionally accepts all the conditions of the Agreement in the form in which they appear in the text of this Agreement.

1.5. By accepting the Agreement, the Member guarantees that he/she has the legal right to enter into contractual relations with the Contractor.

1.6. The Agreement may not be canceled after acceptance by the Member.

1.7. The Agreement does not require seals and/or signatures of the Member and the Contractor (hereinafter - the «Parties»), while maintaining full full legal force.

Terms and Definitions

Member – a person of at least 18 years old, who has agreed with the terms of this Agreement and accepted it as confirmed by registration on the website of «».

Community - a group of Members with common interests, views, purposes and principles at «», as well as a set of relations and mutual obligations between them, as specified in this Agreement.

Certificate – the basic document of the community setting up the financial relationship between the Parties. A certificate is a member’s account (electronic identification software tool) allowing the member to obtain, in compliance with the rules of the community, the financial aid according to the formula set out in the «Financial Transactions» section of this Agreement. A member’s certificate (personal certificate) is generated automatically after activation of a «Personal Account».

Certificate Queue – a list compiled of seven members of the system consisting financial relations as specified in the rules of this Agreement.

Member's Personal Account – an internal electronic code that is generated and assigned to each member who passed the registration. After assigning the personal code, a member actually gets access to the services provided by the Contractor.

A Personal Account is a software tool used by the community to control mutual rights and obligations of its members and the Contractor.

Member Area - a web interface access to which is produced using a login and a password that allows managing the Member's Personal Account , to receive statistical information, as well as access to the personal Certificate and other services of the Contractor.

2. Registration in the Community

In order to register, a member shall provide accurate and complete personal information in the registration form provided at «».

The Contractor reserves the right to require a member, at any time, to confirm the information specified at registration and request relevant supporting documents.

Personal member information is stored and processing in the mode that provides confidentiality in accordance with the provisions of applicable law.

3. Personal Account Activation

Activation of the Member’s Personal Account is performed automatically by the system after the payment of the annual subscription fee for the servicing of the personal account in the amount of 5 USD.

On expiry of the paid period, the Member’s Personal Account is blocked until the next payment is made.

After activation of the Personal Account, the Member is assigned the «Волонтер» status. This Member obtains a personal certificate and gains access to the management functions for financial transactions, statistics and other services accessed from the Member Area.

The amount paid by the Member for the servicing of the personal account in the system (annual subscription fee) no return.

4. Provision and Obtaining of Financial Aid

After activation of the Personal Account, the Member (Volunteer) is offered make a donation to provide gratuitous financial aid to those community members, whose names are in the queue of the invitation certificate (with the number specified at registration), in the amount and under the conditions specified in Section 4 herein.

After providing the financial aid, the Member is assigned the «Benefactor» status.

Only Benefactors may receive financial aid from other Community members.

All amounts transferred by the Member as gratuitous financial aid to other members no return.

5. Rules for Providing Financial Aid

Financial aid to other community members is provided an annual basis, but is not mandatory.

Financial aid to other community members shall be provided exclusively by submitting orders for the relevant transactions through Personal account of the participant.

5.1. First provision of Financial Aid is made in the amount of 70 USD.

This amount is broken down as follows:
10 USD – is provided to the member rated seventh (bottom) in the queue in the invitation certificate, provided that it has the Benefactor status and an active personal account.
по 5 USD – is provided to the second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth members in the queue, provided that they have the «Benefactor» statuses and their personal accounts are active.
15 USD – is provided to the member in the top of the queue, provided that it has the «Benefactor» status and an active personal account.
20 USD - is provided to the international children’s charity foundation of «Whole Word».

If a member listed in any line of the queue in the certificate does not have the Benefactor status or its account is inactive, thу corresponding amount is transferred to the children’s charity foundation «Whole Word».

5.2. Annual Financial Aid is made in the amount of 45 USD.

This amount is broken down as follows:
5 USD – is provided to the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh members in the queue, provided that they have the Benefactor statuses and their personal accounts are active.
10 USD - is provided to the international children’s charity foundation of «Whole Word».

If a member listed in any line of the queue in the certificate does not have the Benefactor status or its account is inactive, thу corresponding amount is transferred to the children’s charity foundation «Whole Word».

The deadline for the annual financial aid shall be one year from the date of the first financial aid.

If a member fails to provide regular financial aid in time, its status changes to «Volunteer».

6. Member's Personal Certificate

A Member's Personal Certificate is generated after the activation of the personal account using the invitation certificate number specified during registration. In the formation of a personal certificate, the name of the new member is added in the bottom line of the queue in the invitation certificate, below all the existing queue names of the members.

Member's Personal Certificates remain unchanged throughout the whole membership period in the community, except when personal data of one or more members listed in the certificate queue is changed.

Each Member may see the number and image of its personal certificate in the Certificate section in the Member Area.

7. Rights and Obligations
7.1. Rights and Obligations of the Contractor

7.1.1. The Contractor undertakes to provide day and night functionality of the web-site «» and Personal account, except during scheduled maintenance of no more than 24 hours a month, as well as the timely implementation of transactions on behalf of the members from their personal accounts using payment systems to target accounts, according to the general rules as set out in this Agreement.

7.1.2. The Contractor guarantees that any transaction shall be made in full to the account specified in the relevant payment system according to paragraphs 3 and 4 of this agreement.

7.1.3 The Contractor shall have the right, at any time, to request confirmation the member’s age of at least 18 years old and confirmation of the personal information specified during registration, and may suspend execution of this Agreement in respect of the member that fails to provide such confirmation within 5 days after the relevant request (notification in the Member Area, by e-mail and(or) by sms.

7.1.4 The Contractor may suspend a member's personal account in the event of non-payment of the annual fee, as well as upon detection of any violations of the rules of this Agreement by the Member.

7.2. Rights and Obligations of the Member

7.2.1. The Member agrees to:
- Register in the community only upon reaching 18 years of age.
- Provide accurate personal data during registration.
- Ensure the safety of its login and password to access the personal account in the system and not to disclose them to third parties.
- Not to create more than one personal account in the community in its name.
- Not to distribute slanderous statements and other negative remarks about the community.
- Not to pretend to be an employee, owner or an authorized representative of the Contractor (if it is not so), any representation shall be limited to the name of the «Community Member».
- When creating online resources and promotional material, not to use the design or design elements of the official website of «», except for the promotional materials provided by the Contractor, the list of which is available in the Member Area.
- Independently pay all income taxes resulting from participation in the community under the current tax laws of the country of citizenship.

7.2.2. The Member is strictly prohibited to:
- Use spam to attract new members to the community.
- Motivate new members financially (pay cash rewards to new members for signing up in the community).
- Create affiliated chains of 2 or more consecutive registrations.

7.2.3. The Member is entitled to:
- Inform others in order to attract them to join the Community.
- Create own websites and publish information about the community in order to attract new members to the community, as well as use other Internet resources (without limitation) for any of these purposes.
- Send the Contractor its wishes and comments in order to improve the service.
- At any time, refuse to further participate in the community.

7.3. System Actions with Regard to Blocked Accounts

If a member's personal account is blocked due to a breach of the terms of this Agreement, the following rules apply to the Member:
- During the blockage of the personal account, the Member may not access the Member Area.
- The invitation certificate and invitation links are inactive.
- All money transfers sent to the Member whose personal account is blocked are recorded as «Lost Profits» and sent to the account of the children’s charity foundation of «Whole Word» as charitable donations.

8. Use of Members Personal Data

8.1. The Member agrees that the personal information specified during registration (login, name, city, phone, e-mail) will be viewable to other community members and confirms that the Contractor has the right to publicly display any transactions made by the members and their total income.8.2. The Contractor shall have the right to notify members using the contacts specified (e-mail newsletter, sms).

8.2. The Contractor shall be entitled to publish members’ reviews on its website («») indicating their full names, cities and pictures after the members sends any such review to the community.

9. Responsibility

The Contractor shall be solely responsible for the operation of the Member Area and accurate execution of members’ orders on transfers of funds to the accounts of other members in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.

The Contractor shall not be liable for any malfunctions or limitations of the payment systems used to send the funds to members’ personal accounts.

10. Responsibility for fraud

In the case of fraud on the part of the member (attempted fraud on payment systems, fraudulent receipt of money transfers from members, attempts of hacking members’ accounts and (or) password theft), the Contractor shall have the right to block offender’s access to its Member Area.

11. Force majeure

The Contractor shall be exempt from any responsibility for partial or complete failure to fulfill its obligations under this Agreement if caused by force majeure, namely, fire, earthquake, flood, embargo on exports or imports, sanctions of governments and (or) administrative authorities at various levels, introduction of new bills, malicious attacks on the website of «», etc., if these circumstances directly affect the execution of this Agreement.

12. Right to Amend the Agreement

The Contractor reserves the right to modify and amend this Agreement unilaterally and inform the members thereof by publishing the information on the website of «».

In case of disagreement with the changes, the Member has the right to repudiate this Agreement and stop using the service provided by the Contractor. In this case, all amounts paid by the Member as financial aid and fees for servicing the personal account in the system shall not be refundable. Any member shall have permanent unrestricted access to this Agreement at «».

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We have already helped
Oleg Kovalev
17 years old
Raised funds:
28 000 USD
Osteogenic sarcoma
After the health examination in February 2013, Oleg Kovalev was diagnosed with terrible osteogenic sarcoma in proximal metaphysis of right humerus. This news came as a blow to the whole family. After the diagnosis, Oleg's mother contacted our fund. In order to save Oleg it was necessary to perform a complex surgery to remove the part of the affected bone and install the imported endoprosthesis that the Whole World charitable community promised to pay for. The surgery to remove the part of the affected bone and install the endoprosthesis was performed on 22nd of August at Petrov Oncology Research Institute.
Ulugbek Dekhonov
7 years old
Raised funds:
8 000 USD
Hodgkin's Lymphoma
Ulugbek Dekhonov has a complex disease, a Hodgkin's lymphoma relapse. His aunt has asked the Whole World charitable fund for help. Since 2010, the boy was being treated in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and the city of St. Petersburg, and his family was paying for the expensive treatment all that time. But in 2012, they were not able to pay themselves for the treatment any more. Thanks to the help of the fundraising movement, Whole World, Ulugbek received six anti-relapse chemotherapy cycles and radiation therapy treatment in 2013, at Petrov Oncology Research Institute. At the beginning of March 2014, after a long treatment, the so long-awaited remission had set in.
Andrey Lesser
15 years old
Raised funds:
19 000 USD
Left-sided idiopathic thoracic scoliosis, III degree
Andrey began to experience problems with his back at the age of 10. After a medical examination, he was directed to a hospital in the city of Tyumen, where the question of surgical correction was considered. The planned operation involves the surgical correction of the spinal deformity with implantation of expensive metallic structures. The fundraisers and benefactors of our community took the boy under patronage and fully paid for the treatment of Andrey.
Nikita Lykov
1 years old
Raised funds:
111 300 USD
Bilateral retinoblastoma
In the age of six months, Nikita was diagnosed with retinoblastoma, or malignant tumour of retina of both eyes. Israeli doctors in Chaim Sheba Medical Centre promised not only to save the baby's life, but also save both his eyes. But an urgent hospitalization and a significant amount of money were required. With the direct participation of TGK-1, private sponsors and fundraisers of the Whole World movement, it was possible to collect in time the amount necessary to pay for the treatment of Nikita. The boy and his mother spent more than six months in the Israeli hospital. Now we are happy to inform that the doctors kept their promise. The boy is on the mend and has returned home.
Sasha Bushuyeva
13 years old
Raised funds:
18 400 USD
Right-sided idiopathic thoracic scoliosis, III degree
Sasha Bushuyeva was growing up healthy as a healthy child, she liked sport, dancing and was a fidget. But in September 2013, the girl began to complain of pain in the back and then a hump appeared. After consulting the specialists it became clear that the child suffers from 3rd degree scoliosis and a paid surgery in the city of Tyumen is necessary. The Whole World fund, with the full support of the Whole World charitable movement, has undertaken obligations to purchase expensive metallic structures for Sasha.
Anna Kolevatova
11 years old
Raised funds:
50 000 USD
Chondrosarcoma in proximal epimetaphysis
In January 2014, Anna was diagnosed with chondrosarcoma in proximal epimetaphysis of right ulna. An urgent surgery to remove the tumour and install the elbow joint endoprosthesis was required to save Anna's arm from amputation. We immediately started an emergency fundraising for Anna. The endoprosthesis for Anna was urgently manufactured in the United Kingdom. It was made using the latest technologies in the field of endoprosthetic care. The surgery to remove the tumour and install the endoprosthesis was successfully performed on 10th of April at Petrov Oncology Research Institute. A few days after the surgery, Anna moved her operated arm for the first time.
Ilya Fokin
17 years old
Raised funds:
30 200 USD
Severe injury
Ilya Fokin was seriously injured as a result of an explosion of a gas cylinder in 2007. As a result, he suffered multiple fractures of the shoulder blade and collarbone, the humeral head was seriously damaged and subsequently removed. The boy has undergone multiple surgeries, but the arm still has not been recovered. By decision of specialists from G.I.Turner Institute and advice of R.R.Vreden Russian Scientific Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopaedics, it was necessary to perform an endoprosthesis replacement of the shoulder joint. It would allow to fix the arm and give the boy a chance to move the arm. The participants of the Whole World project have helped to collect the amount necessary to pay for the endoprosthesis and surgery.
Olga Pastuhova
15 years old
Raised funds:
20 000 USD
Congenital pathology
Olga was born without the elbow and fingers on her right hand. The muscles responsible for movement in the elbow also were not well-formed. A complex surgery and endoprosthesis installation were required for the arm recovery.The necessary amount was raised thanks to the Whole World community. The surgery was performed at G.I.Turner Scientific and Research Orthopaedic Institute for Children in St. Petersburg. The complex and laborious work of surgeons on forming the elbow joint took more than five hours. Now, Olga is undergoing rehabilitation.
Alexey Kovalenko
15 years old
Raised funds:
41 000 USD
Brain Tumour
On 22-st of November 2013, Alexey Kovalenko's mother asked the charity fund, Whole World for help. Her son was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour, an emergency surgery was required. It was recommended to perform the surgery at the Division of Paediatric Neurosurgery of Berlin's university hospital Charité. The surgery was scheduled for 27-th of November, the amount of 41000 dollars had to be raised a few days before. About 3000 our fundraisers from more than 100 countries had done the almost impossible in only two days. It can only be called a miracle. The necessary amount was raised and the sutgery was done in time. Today, Aleksey lives life to the full.
Ilya Finagin
12 years old
Raised funds:
44 900 USD
Ewing's sarcoma of pelvic bones
In 2012, Ilya was diagnosed with terrible Ewing's sarcoma. The sarcoma has caused the affliction of pelvic bones and has led to the formation of metastases in the lungs and abdominal cavity. In September, Ilya was hospitalized into the 31-st City Clinical Hospital in Saint Petersburg, the Children's Oncology department. After six cycles of chemotherapy, it was necessary to remove the affected part of the boy's pelvis and install an endoprosthesis. Thanks to the efforts of the Whole World project and more than 3000 its participants, it was possible to raise the funds necessary for purchasing the expensive prosthesis manufactured in the UK. On 21-st of July 2013, Ilya underwent a difficult six-hour operation to install the pelvic bone endoprosthesis.
Alina Zhigalina
15 years old
Raised funds:
60 500 USD
Ewing's Sarcoma
In March 2013, Alina was diagnosed with on of the most aggressive malignant tumour, Ewing's Sarcoma of right femur. It was necessary to perform an expensive high-tech surgery to install the right femur endoprosthesis in order to save the child's life. There was practically no time for waiting. The fundraisers of our community came to help and raised funds for the purchase of the expensive prosthesis. The girl underwent an extremely complex and many-hours-long surgery at Petrov Research Institute of Oncology in St. Petersburg.
Maxim Gevorkyan
14 years old
Raised funds:
4 900 USD
Osteogenic sarcoma
Maxim Gevorkyan underwent treatment at Blokhin Cancer Research Center in Moscow. He was diagnosed with osteogenic sarcoma of right shin-bone. His family got the hope of life-saving treatment at the Scientific and Practical Center Solntsevo, where Maxim had to undergo an appropriate chemotherapy treatment. But Maxim's mother, who raised him alone, had not enough funds to pay for the treatment. And again, the fundraisers and benefactors of the Whole World community did not remain uninvolved. Already in two weeks after the request, Maxim was admitted for treatment by Scientific and Practical Center Solntsevo where he underwent the required treatment.
Olga Zabludina
18 years old
Raised funds:
8 300 USD
Ewing's Sarcoma
Olga Zabludina's mother asked the Whole World charitable fund for help in spring 2013. It all began in March 2012 during a medical examination, when Olga was diagnosed with terrible Ewing's sarcoma. Olga was admitted for treatment by an Israeli clinic, where the surgery on the left lung was performed and the surgery on the right one was planned. But before the second surgery, it was necessary to pay off the debt connected with the first one, but Olga's family did not have enough amount. Every day of delay could cost Olga Zabludina's life. The Whole World charitable community has transferred about 250 000 rubles to Zabludina's family.
Elina Kirilova
6 years old
Raised funds:
11 700 USD
Malignant Tumour of Joint
Elina was diagnosed with a rare and very aggressive form of cancer of the radial bone of the arm at the end of 2012. The additional analysis carried out in St. Petersburg revealed centrers of metastases in the lungs. It was decided to urgently hospitalize the girl for chemotherapy and surgery to remove the tumour and install the implant. The Whole World community has taken custody of Elina. In 2013, Elina underwent several cycles of chemotherapy treatment and a surgery to remove the tumour and install metal structures instead of the affected bone. Thereafter, the so long-awaited remission had set in.
Medina Murtazaliyeva
15 years old
Raised funds:
61 000 USD
Osteogenic sarcoma
Medina was diagnosed with a tumour of the shin bone. The doctors were fighting for her life during a year. A surgery was performed, but a year later the pain came back.After the health examination at Priorov Central Research Institute it became clear that the girl has a relapse and it is necessary to perform another surgery to replace the bone with an endoprosthesis. Because the quoted treatment was not available, and the girl needed a very urgent help, her parents asked the Whole World charitable fund for support. Thousands of participants of our community raised funds necessary to pay for the surgery and endoprosthesis for Medina. The surgery was successful and Medina returned to home after the rehabilitation period.
Ilya Demidov
7 years old
Raised funds:
5 500 USD
Brain Tumour
Ilya's parents asked us for help after the boy began suffering of epileptic seizures caused by residual tumour. The boy quickly gained weight and could not move himself. Ilya needed further investigations at N.P.Behterev Institute of Human Brain, because there was no necessary equipment in Murmansk. An additional testing and a new treatment were required, and thus the additional funds had to be collected. During a month, the amount required to pay for flights, accommodation and treatment was raised by the Whole World community team.
Edmond Hachatryan
12 years old
Raised funds:
40 000 USD
Osteogenic Sarcoma
Edmond Hachatryan is the first person under our care for whom the participants of our project were able to collect within only three weeks the amount necessary to pay for a growing endoprosthesis. The surgery was performed at the 31-th City Hospital in St. Petersburg by Dr. V.P.Silkov. After the successful surgery to replace the affected joint, Edmond underwent post-surgical chemotherapy and was discharged from the hospital. Now, the boy is at home, walks well and lives a full life.
Reviews of participants
Hello my name is Gilbert Kelly and i am from Costa Rica. I decided to join this community on May 5th after seeing an announcement in a Social Network. I decided to Invest time and Money on this because have always liked the Idea to help others and the best thing is that WholeWorld International rewards you for doing it. After joining i have talked to friends and related people about this amazing option and so far i have two members enrolled and certificated . We are so excited about helping others grow with this Company. My Goal is to create a great organization of leaders interested in helping others around the world so we can continue providing to others a better option and positive way to better life style aswell.
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Я сейчас в декретном отпуске, государство особо деньгами не жалует. Хочется для ребенка лучшего, но денег не хватает. Поэтому решила найти для себя дополнительную работу. И сразу в youtube открылась ссылка WholeWorld International. Ознакомившись, я решила зарегестрироваться. Главное, что мне понравилось - это благотворительность! Рада, что миллионы людей, являются участниками и при этом оказывают помощь тяжелобольным детям. Я в проекте с 3 апреля! Замечательный проект, не отнимает много времени, подходит для любого возраста. Чтобы заработать достаточное количество денег, не нужно с утра до вечера сидеть на работе.... Давно искалa такой!
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Now is the opportunity for your family, because say it, by than all the family receive the benefit of help, you give one help but too receive, mutual help, please there is very much opportunity, depend of honesty , way in form positive of obtain it but help to others than yes need now, if not help to others for than is the life, HELP IS HAPPY SO FRIEND NOW IS YOU OPPORTUNITY GUSTAVO
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Здравствуйте меня зовут Денис, в данном проекте я можно сказать давно!!! Про данную компанию хотелось бы сказать только главное!!! Просто отличный сайт тут где каждый помогает друг другу, побольше бы таких компаний и в мире возможно не было бы детей инвалидов... Спасибо создателем данного ресурса, что создали такую уникальную площадку, где каждый помогает не только себе, но и окружающим, а также детям!!!!!
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Спасибо создателям этого проекта! “Это очень благородно помогать больным деткам, да еще здесь платят достойно и по справедливости. Программа проекта построена так, что можно реализовать свои способности по полной программе и с большой перспективой, так как проект относительно новый. Я попала в хорошую дружную и главное- грамотную команду и получаю помощь по каждому моему шагу 24 часа в сутки. Всем моим настоящим и будущим волонтерам я так же готова отдать весь мой опыт, чтобы люди могли реализовать здесь свои мечты и помогать больным детям! Никому не верьте, что это лохотрон, это могут сказать либо наши конкуренты или некомпетентные люди. Я давно искала такую работу, люблю много путешествовать и сейчас я могу себе позволить, так как для моей работы необходим только Wi-FI и компьютер. Приходите все - студенты, мамы, которые сидят дома по уходу за ребенком, пенсионеры и просто все, кому надоела его работа. Всем желаю успехов и счастья!
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Добрый день Всем участникам программы! Два года назад я стал участником программы WholeWorld делал приглашения и в итоге никто не вступил, затем основная работа поглотила меня (правда финансовую независимоть я так и не обрел) и проект я забросил! Но мне очень жаль, что я потерял 2 года, а проект за эти два года очень сильно вырос и окреп! Все это время не покидала мысль, что только мы сами можем себе помочь (по принципу ты мне - я тебе) Посмотрите по Первому каналу проект "Добро" - мы перечисляем по 75 рублей детям, которым нужна финансовая помощь для выздоровления. Или люди старшего поколения (мои родители) хорошо помнят Кассы взаимопомощи! Вся страна так жила, и это не было обманом, человек брал деньги и потом отдавал (а касса - это и были наши деньги), только сначала один попользовался, потом другой!!! СМЫСЛ WholeWorld уловили??? Если Вы так и не поняли смысл проекта , то мне Вас жаль! Просто конечно интерент заполонили не чистые на руку люди... Но задайте себе вопрос :" Если это обман, мы все разве оставляли бы свои фото, адреса и телефоны???" Если Вы что- то не поняли, пишите ,звоните , приезжайте я Вам расскажу и покажу!!! Будьте Счастливы! Мы все имеем право и возможность достойно жить!
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Hi trevon davis here i am from the bahamas! i saw an ad on a website saying IMAGINE​ every person on the planet gives you $1 so i wanted to test it out i think this the best test i ever run becuse its really working for me thank god :)
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Очень интересная система благотворительности, которая позволяет зарабатывать самому! Мне нравится и я планирую сделать себе приличный пассивный доход, маленькие суммы а в итоге всем хорошо, помоги нуждающимся, себе и своим близким!
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Привет ВСЕМ!!! В первую очередь хочу поблагодарить тех кто создал этот уникальный проект WholeWorld .Помогать всем миром друг другу это очень здорово, я бесконечно рад что попал на этот проект. И хочу сказать ВАМ, те кто еще не знаком с проектом WholeWorld - Давайте помогать друг другу!!!
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Je suis Angela je vie en France, un ami m'a proposé de rejoindre la communauté J'ai hésité, car trop de questions dans ma tête. Et enfin de compte j'ai décidé d'y souscrire, car le côté charité Internationale Monde entier m'a plu. Ce qui me plait en fait c'est de pouvoir aider les autres donc si je peux le faire grâce au programme de WholeWorld j'en serais tout simplement ravie. Alors cela ne coûte pas grand chose d'essayer d'une part de faire une bonne action, et Il peut être aussi une source de revenus pour tous ceux qui nous rejoindrons. Bien cordialement Angela
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​​"Чем больше мы помогаем другим, тем больше помогаем себе" Мухаммед Али Знаменитые люди, добившись в жизни отличных результатов давно осознали эту аксиому. Добро всегда возвращается сторицей. WholeWorld - это место, где люди со всего мира объединяются и помогают друг другу. Это здорово! И главное: не важно какой у тебя социальный статус, где ты работаешь и чем занимаешься. Любой, абсолютно любой человек может участвовать в программе. Когда я увидела проект в первые, я без раздумий приняла участие в нём. Идея проекта потрясающая! Отличная мотивация! Проект имеет юридическое обоснование, что исключает любое мошенничество. "Все знают, что это невозможно. Но вот приходит невежда, которому это неизвестно — он-то и делает открытие" Альберт Эйнштейн
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Доброго времени суток, меня зовут Сергей Ружников! Наш проект уникален. В чем его уникальность? В том, что каждый, независимо от своей работы, получает денежные вознаграждения и большой плюс основная цель организации - помощь детям которые нуждаются в очень дорогостоящих операциях - то есть каждый участник проекта автоматически делает большое дело (радость в Душе когда понимаешь это)! Ещё не маловажный плюс что ты работаешь в команде - помощь, советы, поддержка ! Отличный проект ! Все работает как и указано в презентации - присоединяйтесь, НЕ ПОЖАЛЕЕТЕ !
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Добрый день, друзья! Меня зовут Любовь, я живу в Украине. В ноябре 2013 года, я нашла этот прекрасный проект и не задумываясь к нему присоединилась. Мне нравится в нем чистота и прозрачность, а также то, что здесь работает дружная команда, готовая прийти на помощь. Но самое главное, это конечно Благотворительный фонд! Как приятно осознавать, что и я приношу пользу онко больным деткам! Друзья, наша команда всегда будет очень рада приветствовать в нашем коллективе!
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Делай добро! До вступления в эту систему я думал что люди утратили эту способность. Ведь это так приятно, когда оказав благотворительную помощь незнакомым людям, а главное детям, ты в свою очередь сам получаешь финансовую помощь от людей со всего мира!!! Я очень рад что существует такая система финансовой взаимопомощи. Пусть нас будет много!
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Очень хорошая Соц сеть, Мне очень нравится! Сеть для души, в ней всё легко и просто. Приглашаю всех желающих, жалеть непридётся. Мои дети тоже в сети, и им нравится. Я сам из г. Армавира Краснодарский Край Военный пенсионер, а в сеть пришёл по рекомендации сына Романа, и не жалею.
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